Why you should become a part of the Major Websites Family

Major Websites is more than a simple internet development tool. Our clients consider us an integral part of their marketing team. Beyond outstanding customer service, we offer complimentary live tech support on obtaining the most from the internet and we speak in plain English to ensure you understand the important decisions you will make. Most updates to your website are completed on the very same day! We handle client email and phone calls daily seeking help with their computers and advice on an array of other technical issues that can grind a business down to a crawl. Once a part of your marketing/networking team, you will find that you have uncovered a Major resource saving you time, money, and aggravation.

We design custom websites along with your domain registration and hosting. We are experts in Java, Flash, and PHP programming. We keep your site busy as we constantly update search engine submissions. We can help you design custom logos, animation, promotional CDs, professional photographic services (portrait or commercial), and much, much more. Finally, we make it fun and exciting for you to create. Isn’t that what we are all about?

“Are you ready for a ride on the World Wide Web?

You are one simple click away!”