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Here are a few Major tips when sending out email with attachments

I deal with clients all of the time that send me their images for the different webpages that I am creating for them. I would like to pass on a few tips on sending large attachments by way of email.
First, I would suggest that if the file is going to be a very large one then use a service like dropbox.com. You would just upload our file to the dropbox.com server then send a notice that the file is ready to download.
If you are sending the file by email as an attachment then always zip or compress the files before sending.
Always let the person know that you are sending a large file by email before you send it and find out the best time to send the file. I remember way back when I first started designing websites and I was still on dialup. There were a few times a client would send me a full size file and it took me most of the day to download it. Until the file was finished downloading I was stuck and unable to receive any other emails.
When sending an image what is the end product you are trying to accomplish? If the image is for a website then no more than 100ppi (Pixels per inch (PPI)) needed any larger is just a waste of the viewer’s time. If the file is to be made into print then you will need a much larger file around 300ppi.
Need to resize a image before sending it? Try a online images sizing service like http://www.picresize.com/


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Guard your personal information

Don’t provide your credit card or bank account number unless you are actually paying for something. Your social security number should not be necessary unless you are applying for credit. Be especially suspicious if someone claiming to be from a company with whom you have an account asks for information that the business already has.

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